United in Prayer

We are devoted to a daily demonstration of our love for Jesus Christ, the Divine Physician, by prayer in the Catholic Tradition. We focus on Veterans of Wars. Regardless of the country, these brave men and women, living and dead, need our prayer.

About Us

Our Motives

We are each of us motivated by a strong desire to give droplets of love in the form of intercession for those who are caught in the horrible cycle of war. Some of us have been in the military, others have lost friends or family to war and others have been displaced. If this is happening to you, let us pray for you and with you.

Our Methods

Intercessory Prayer

Once we receive your request, we begin to pray and offer fasting for your needs. It is suggested by our texts, that we are to pray for one another’s needs. You can ask anything of us. There is no judgement, only support. The need can never be too great or too small because we simply carry your message to God who always helps.

Votive Lights and Small Prayer Aids

If you desire, we will offer a light for your needs and stay with it. We can also make you a prayer cloth and send it to you. There are many different prayer aids that we can provide so that you can also pray.

Email Support

If you would like, a prayer helper will contact you via email and correspond with you concerning your needs and offer you long distance email correspondence as well as links to resources within the community that might address your temporal needs.


People have responded

The generous group of people, reached out to me when I left the military and helped me, even though I was not Christian.

Helen L.


Prayer Board

    Become an Intercessor

    With the aim of helping as many people as possible, we always like to receive people who wish to give of their time for Veterans and their families. If you feel called to give of your time in this way, please let us know.